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  • Pioneers of Kayak Fishing in Panama - Established 2013

  • The best, remote location on the Azuero Peninsula.

  • No other sport fishing operations present.​

  • 10 years experience fishing on the Wild Coast.

  • Free mothership panga service every day. No extra cost.

  • Fishing dawn til dusk every day - the tides don't affect us.

  • 8 anglers maximum kayak fishing and 9 boat fishing - no fishing in a crowd, no mix boat fishing withv 

  • Unrivaled location - Your own private fishing paradise.

  • Shelter from trade winds that can blow January to March.

  • Closest to the action and best spots on the Peninsular.

  • Safety boat follows you all day for security.

  • Top quality Kayaks provided - Hobie Kayak and BlackFin by PanaYaks

  • Top quality fishing gear from Daiwa, Penn & Shimano. ​

  • The best local guides in the business. 

  • We fish the dry season only - Dec to June - Best fishing, weather and sea conditions.                                                                       

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Our sheltered bay makes for a perfect natural harbour. Being totally surrounded by the mountainous peaks of the stunning Cerro Hoya National Park also offers shelter from the trade winds that blow across Panama from the North during Jan/Feb/March. This is a real bonus as these months offer some of the best fishing of the year and our lodge is perfectly positioned to enjoy it. Other locations struggle with the wind at this time; often unable to get on the water with lost fishing days.

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The fact that we operate a fully inclusive mothership service means that you will be on the water from dawn until dusk every day, without fail. By using the boats we are not restricted by the tides and we never lose fishing days because of the swell. There are no risky beach launches or lengthy paddling out to the fishing grounds to contend with here. We put you on the best spots and take you somewhere new every day. It's your adventure. If the weather kicks up or the fishing is slow then we move you. We keep you on the fish....simple as that.

Once we get you in to the lodge by boat you will find a peaceful, tropical paradise with no one else around other than your fellow anglers and the staff. There is no one to bother you and you are free to enjoy the surroundings and facilities at your leisure, undisturbed. Even the fishing from the beach and rocks immediately out front is world class and yours to explore. It's all about the fishing! 

​​Nobody likes fishing in a crowd. That defeats the object of getting away from it all and out into the wilderness. Where some other kayak fishing operators take groups of a dozen or more at time.....this goes against our ethos. We usually fish with groups of 6 at most. It's all about personalised service and making the most of the fishing opportunities as they arise; not having to compete with other anglers in your group for the fish. You can see the incredible variety of fish we catch here. 

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As the Wild Coast Kayak Fishing Pioneers; we know the waters intimately. With many years experience and a fantastic history of satisfied customers and incredible catches our team are ready to help you have the kayak fishing adventure of your life!

Get in touch by e-mail today to book your trip to the 'Wild Coast' of Panama!

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