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PASCAL ARTIEDA : The brains of the operation & the man with the vision. The original pioneer of 'Wild Coast' kayak fishing. Pascal first arrived in Panama 12 years ago, after closing his famous fishing camp on Lake Nasser in Egypt in search of the colossal Nile Perch. He was only 19 when he left France to set up this first fishing camp and has been at the forefront of pioneer fishing ever since. There was no one more qualified. 
Upon his arrival, he immediately fell in love with Panama, its people, and the superb fishing on the Azuero Peninsula. He then set up the "Panafishing" Jigging and Popping lodge in Pedasi and ran it for several years before selling it and looking for a more remote and untouched place...., which is how he ended up on the "Wild Coast"!
Wasting no time at all, he set up a new camp focused around his then new found love - Kayak Fishing. Entirely under canvas and as wild as you can imagine, deep in the Cerro Hoya National Park......'Panama Kayak Adventure' was born. After a couple of years here, built the stunning lodge we operate as of today in the bay of the Tembladera River. It's amazing how 'Panama Kayak Adventure' has come from its humble beginnings under canvas. Pascals attention to detail and 'green' ethos means that the lodge is environmentally friendly and totally in harmony with its surroundings and we are keen to maintain that spirit A fantastic achievement and a truly stunning place from which to welcome our guests for their 'Wild Coast' kayak fishing adventures.
During his 7 years at the helm of Panama Kayak Adventure, when Pascal wasn't catering to clients on the Wild Coast he was pushing the limits, exploring and seeking out the wildest fishing spots on the planet. His passion for fly fishing and migratory fish has always been the driving force behind his wanderings. He has explored the farthest reaches of Canada, USA, Argentina and Chile. Untouched waters, where huge wild trout are still unmolested by man.
In his new adventure, Pascal can be found hiking around the Cerro Hoya National Park, analyzing what to do to make the area even wilder. His new conservation project aims to further spread awareness of the need to reforest deforested areas. 
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