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LODGE: Sobre

Our lodge is beautifully designed and laid out amongst the trees at the back of a stunning black sand beach on the 'Wild Coast'. It's entirely in keeping with the environment in which it is situated. It's a pleasure and a luxury to be totally self-reliant in such a remote area. We are very proud of what we have achieved out here in the wilderness. It is the ideal base for groups of adventurous anglers looking to lose themselves in nature and the world class fishing fronting the National Park.

It took a whole year to build all of the structures that make up the 'Tembladera Fishing Lodge' as it is today. We have 3 double occupancy cabins and a main rancho which contains the staff quarters, kitchen and the main dining/lounge area. The lodge is 100% sustainable and powered by solar panels. There is a spring up on the hill behind us which provides fresh drinking water for all and supplies the private bathrooms to the rear of each cabin. These include a shower, basin and composting toilet. We try to exist here with as little environmental impact as we can.

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Building our remote Eco-lodge was a great challenge for us as there is no road access and we decided to use only driftwood and fallen trees from the forest. Most of the wood was brought down from the mountains using horses with additional materials brought in by boat. All of the timbers and planks that were used to build the infrastructure had to be cut from the fallen trees. This was done by hand with a chainsaw. 

If you're looking to get away from it all and experience world class kayak fishing in exquisite surroundings, then this is the place for you. Nothing but tropical forest, nature and the wildlife of the Cerro Hoya National Park surrounds us. This is a bucket list destination for well-travelled, discerning anglers and the fact that many of our valued guests return year after year is testament to that. Come and experience the adventure for yourself! Find out all about our incredible fishing here.

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