Roque Freitas is Brazilian, but it was in Panama that he discovered kayak fishing. In 2012, after 2 years of having moved to the country, he started to think about a more environmentally friendly way to go further into fishing. He bought his first kayak when he was still in Panama thinking about practicing the sport as it is practiced today.
A year later he met Pascal Artieda and could see all the construction of the lodge on the Costa Selvagem. Roque was also a fishing guide for the Brazilians who visited the Lodge all these years and also did all the transportation for the clients of the Panama Kayak Adventure from Panama City.
Meanwhile, after testing all the kayaks available in the Panamanian market for fishing, he decided to import his own models and thus promoted the practice of the sport all over the country.
Currently, his company is the largest seller of fishing kayaks in Panama and responsible for organizing the most important kayak competition in the country, the PanaYaks Kayak Fishing League.
With more than 8 years of experience in promoting Panama to Brazilian tourists and also promoting kayak fishing in Panama, nothing better than doing it in the first kayak fishing lodge in the world and also in one of the best spots that exist for kayak fishing.
Roque takes over the lodge from Pascal with the responsibility of following in his friend's footsteps and making his trip to the Wild Coast the best kayak fishing experience of his life.



Luis (MERO PARGO) Abbott has been fishing in Panama since he was 5 years old. Coastal fishing was his first contact with the sport, creating a very special bond.
When he became a teenager, he resumed his passion for line and hook at the age of 20.
In 2010 he began his first boat fishing adventures in Panama Bay, Taboga Island and Lake Gatun. In 2012, interested in kayak fishing, he met Roque and since then has become one of the pioneers of kayak fishing in Panama.
He has over 6 years of experience in assisting tourists in Panama, whether for a simple cultural tour or as a fishing guide in boats and kayaks in the city and the interior of the country. 
Luis was one of the first kayak fishing guides in the country and one of the most representative figures of the sport in the country.

SNOOK - Panama Bay
Baby Tarpon - Panama Bay


Romell and Diorqui Hernandez: These 2 guys are the backbone of our operation...our Captains. Romell and Diorqui are cousins and both of them 'Wild Coast' born and bred. They have been reverse parking pangas on the beach since they were 9 or 10 years old and their boat handling skills are a marvel to behold. They know the coastline intimately and have a deep understanding and repsect for the sea. They're also pretty savvy fishermen in their own right. We are very lucky to have them both in the team.
When they're not running the boats for us they can be found helping their fathers on their cattle farms, fishing or enjoying quality time with their families.



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