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Hello fellow fisherman, I'm Roque Freitas. For 10 years I accompanied most of the fishermen who visited Panama Kayak Adventure in Tembladera. In the last 2 years I have been directly involved in the operation of this which is the first lodge dedicated to kayak fishing in the world.

And now the time has come for change. After presenting this exclusive fishing spot to all kayak fishing enthusiasts and being among the most desired fishing spots, we are evolving our proposal. But we don't change places.


We continued in Tembladera, but with The Panama Kayak Fishing Expedition on an Eco Fishing proposal. We also continue with the idea of always receiving groups of a maximum of 6 fishermen with low tourism pressure and maintaining the idea of low fishing pressure, after all, no fisherman wants to be fishing in the same place at the same time as 10 or 15 other fishermen.


There will only be 8 weeks available per season, but our proposal also involves offering the possibility of opening other exclusive periods for groups even smaller than 6 fishermen.


The new facilities are being prepared to generate little or no environmental waste, with total disposal of waste for reuse, reuse or recycling. Furthermore, we are preparing everything so that the organic waste generated during the week of fishing is properly treated and reincorporated into the environment without any risk of contamination, whether through the treatment of wastewater or the transformation of solid elements into fertilizer.


We already have our web page with updated photos mainly with our friends from the last 2 seasons and we continue to update photographic and video information about this unique place in the world.


I invite you to take note of our new web page, our new email address and also follow our new social networks. Furthermore, I also invite you to visit or return if you have already visited. The 2023-2024 season is open, I have some spaces available to welcome you. It will be a pleasure.

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